Victoria + Albert Bathrooms

Baths, Basins and Vanity Units

Victoria + Albert baths are created from their own unique material called QUARRYCAST™. It is made from finely ground volcanic limestone mixed with resin.

The end result is a warm, beautiful and incredibly strong finished product which is naturally harder than acrylic and naturally white – although baths and basins are available in 194 RAL colours. To see Victoria + Albert products call into our showroom.

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Victoria + Albert Baths

Victoria + Albert baths are available in modern, traditional or built in styles, there are certainly plenty to choose from. All of the baths are available in one of six standard paint finishes or for something a little bit more unique you can choose one of the 194 RAL coloursin either gloss or matte finish. The standard colours are; Gloss Black, Matte Black, Matte White, Anthracite, Stone Grey or QUARRYCAST™ White. Below is the full range of baths available from Victoria + Albert.

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  • V+A Built-In Baths
  • V+A Modern Baths
  • V+A Traditional Baths
Victoria + Albert York Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Worcester Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Wessex Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Warndon Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Vetrella 2 Freestanding Bath

Vetrella 2

Victoria + Albert Vetrella Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Trivento Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Toulouse Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Terassa Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Taizu Bath


Victoria + Albert Shropshire Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Roxburgh Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Richmond Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Ravello Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Radford Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Pescadero Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Pembroke Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Napoli Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Mozzano 2 Freestanding Bath

Mozzano 2

Victoria + Albert Mozzano Bath


Victoria + Albert Monaco Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Marlborugh Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Kaldera 6 Bath

Kaldera 6

Victoria + Albert Kaldera 5 Bath

Kaldera 5

Victoria + Albert Kaldera 4 Bath

Kaldera 4

Victoria + Albert Ios Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Ionian Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Hampshire Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Elwick Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Eldon Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Edge Free Standing Bath


Victoria + Albert Drayton Free Standing Bath


Victoria + Albert Cheshire Free Standing Bath


Victoria + Albert Cabrits Free Standing Bath


Victoria + Albert Barcelona 3 Free Standing Bath

Barcelona 3

Victoria + Albert Barcelona 2 Free Standing Bath

Barcelona 2

Victoria + Albert Barcelona Bath


Victoria + Albert Amiata Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Amalfi Freestanding Bath


Victoria + Albert Basins, Vanity Units & Washstands

Victoria + Albert basins are designed to compliment their range of baths. Choose from a range of inset or counter-top washbasins. There is a variety of modern or traditional styles available, some are specific to a particular bath style whereas others will compliment any number of different bath styles.

Like the range of Victoria + Albert baths, the sinks are also made from the volcanic limestone composite material called QUARRYCAST™, which has exceptional durability and scratch resistance.

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  • V+A Furniture
  • V+A Washstands
V+A Stiletto Bathroom Furniture


V+A Rossendale 91 Basin

Rossendale 91

V+A Rossendale 112 Basin

Rossendale 112

V+A Rossendale 107 Basin

Rossendale 107

V+A Ravello 60 Basin

Ravello 60

V+A Radford 51 Basin

Radford 51

V+A Pembroke Basin


V+A Napoli 57 Basin

Napoli 57

V+A Metallo 61 Washstand

Metallo 61

V+A Metallo 113 Washstand

Metallo 113 Quartz

V+A Metallo 100 Washstand

Metallo 100

V+A Maru 42 Basin

Maru 42

V+A Mandello Solo Basin

Mandello Solo

Mandello 114 Volo Glass

Mandello 114 Volo Glass

Mandello 114 Volo

Mandello 114 Volo

V+A Mandello 114 Vanity Unit

Mandello 114

V+A Lavello 114 Volo Glass

Lavello 114 Volo Glass

V+A Lavello 114 Volo

Lavello 114 Volo

V+A Lavello 114 Glass

Lavello 114 Glass

V+A Lavello 114 Vanity Unit

Lavello 114

V+A Lario 100 Volo Vanity Unit

Lario 100 Volo

V+A Lario 100 Basin

Lario 100

V+A Lario 100 Vanity Unit

Lario 100

V+A Kaldera 62 Basin

Kalera 62

V+A Kaldera 56 Basin

Kaldera 56

V+A Kaali 65 Basin

Kaali 65

V+A Kaali 60 Basin

Kaali 60

V+A Kaali 48 Basin

Kaali 48

V+A Kaali Basin


V+A Ios 80 Basin

Ios 80

V+A Ios 45 Basin

Ios 54

V+A Edge 45 Basin

Edge 45

V+A Drayton 40 Basin

Drayton 40

V+A Candella 114 Washstand

Candella 114

V+A Candella 100 Washstand

Candella 100

V+A Cabrist 55 Basin

Cabrist 55

V+A Bosa 112 Vanity Unit

Bosa 112

V+A Barcelona 64 Basin

Barcelona 64

V+A Barcelona 55 Basin

Barcelona 55

V+A Barcelona 48 Basin

Barcelona 48

V+A Amiata 60 Basin

Amiata 60

V+A Amalfi 55 Basin

Amalfi 55

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