The Truth About Today’s Family Kitchen

The truth about today's family kitchen

Traditionally, the kitchen was a place in the home where families would meet to spend time together, sharing stories from the day gone by and making memories while enjoying home-cooked food.

But, in today’s fast-paced world, for many families the role of the kitchen has shifted – and healthy eating has suffered as a result.

We’re too busy to eat healthy

The most common reason for unhealthy eating in today’s kitchens is lack of time – People say they are too busy to prepare nutritious meals for their families every day. Whether it’s juggling after-school activities or balancing a full-time job with family responsibilities, it seems that parents feel they don’t have space in the day to cook healthy dishes.

A nation of fussy eaters

The second most popular reason for our unhealthy lifestyles seems to be that the nation is struggling to feed a generation of fussy eaters – Most parents admit that at least one of their children has difficult eating habits.

Nearly half of parents say they find it hard to source and make healthy meals that their children enjoy eating, and 32% say they fail to eat well because their families are reluctant to try nutritious foods.

Healthy eating is too expensive

Healthy and nutritious meals are too expensive to make every day. Younger parents are the most likely to feel this way, with one in three 18-35 year olds admitting that their families don’t eat as well as they could because they simply can’t afford to.