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We are the North West leading supplier of luxury kitchen and bathroom brands including Rempp, Quooker, Duravit, Villeroy & Boch, Faber, Siemens, Franke and many more. and many more. Visit our showroom in Buckley, North Wales.

Rempp Kuchen

Founded by a master joiner, Rempp is a family run, high quality kitchen manufacturer now into its 3rd generation. Based in the North of the Black Forrest, they use tradiational craftsmanship and modern technology to create a unique, personal and beautifully designed kitchen of “Black Forrest quality”

Rempp are aware of the ergonomics that need to go into a kitchen, and it needs to be planned around the people who use it most. Intelligent drawer technology and adjustable worktops are not only a luxury feature, but can really make life easier.

Villeroy & Boch

Since 1748 Villeroy and Boch have had the correct sense for trends, design and built up a vast knowledge of ceramic production. Their products have a unique, unmistakable character accomplished in an elegant, inventive and aesthetic manner.

Tradition, quality and authenticity are Villeroy and Boch’s main attributes and it shows in each and every product. With a flawless balance of harmonious design and sophisticated functionality, Villeroy and Boch can offer a complete solution to suit all styles and budgets.


Quooker are a Dutch, family run company who produced the World’s first boiling water tap.

You have the choice of either a single tap with will produce cold, hot and boiling water or you could have a separate boiling water tap. There are 8 designs, each with a matching boiling water tap which have childproof push-and-turn handles. All ranges are height adjustable, insulated and can turn 360° and with their clever technology, Quooker taps are not only safe but also very efficient.


Silestone produced by Cosentino is made from 94% natural Quartz and is the first and only worktop material available with an antibacterial feature. It is available in 3 textured finishes; polished, suede and volcano. Quartz being one of the hardest materials in the world in very durable, this makes it highly resistant to stains, scratches and acidity.

Cosentino have produced a unique formula using silver ions. Adding this during the production process means that any harmful bacteria that touches the work surface interacts with these silver components and are prevented from spreading.


Miele 100% stick by their philosophy “Immer Besser” meaning “Forever Better”. They believe in clean design with timeless elegance and take great pride in producing a range of products to suit any style home.

Mile products have a multitude of control systems, from the conventional rotary switch to touch screens & sensor controls. Not only do they use clever technology and have an eye for stunning design, Miele also have a high standard of quality, and to check this they test their products to the equivalent of 20 years’ use.


Siemens are the leading German home appliance brand of the world. They are a well know, household name and combining state of the art technology with simple yet stylish deign, Siemens can offer a wide range of appliances that will suit any lifestyle.

Providing both built in appliances and free standing, you are sure to find a Siemens appliance that will meet your needs.


Faber are an Italian company who have been producing cooker hoods since 1955.

They are constantly developing designs and technology and can offer the most stunning range of designer hoods. With collections available including ceiling, wall, island, downdraft and integrated, Faber hoods are energy-efficient, extremely effective and almost silent.

With Faber, you will have no problems finding a well-designed, high quality cooker hood.


Siemens are the leading German home appliance brand of the world. They are a well know, household name and combining state of the art technology with simple yet stylish deign, Siemens can offer a wide range of appliances that will suit any lifestyle.

Providing both built in appliances and free standing, you are sure to find a Siemens appliance that will meet your needs.


Duravit have won numerous designs celebrating bold design. Their partnership with some of the world’s top designers such as Lord Norman Foster and Philippe Stark can provide an extraordinary blend of practicality and aesthetics.

Being one of the leading manufacturers in the bathroom sector, Duravit have the ideas and innovation to allow you to configure your bathroom elegantly whatever your budget.


Whether you like modern & natural, classic & timeless or luxurious & refined, Hansgrohe and Axor are the design leaders in taps and brassware with over 300 international design awards.

Promoting forward thinking & developing innovative ideas with first class designers like Philippe Stark, Antonio Citterio and Patricia Urquiola, Hansgrohe and Axor offer a fresh perspective on bathrooms and well-being.

They produce design-orientated, astonishing high quality, trendsetting concepts and you are guaranteed to feel the care and quality of materials gone into each and every cleverly designed product.

“Whether showering, bathing or washing your hands, you will notice the excellent quality of our products”


Made in the UK with only the finest quality materials, Matki products are handmade in order to achieve the durability and unbeatable luxury that they are notorious for.

Matki’s frames are built from high shine, anodized aluminium and chrome plated with fixings made from solid metal and up to 10mm toughened safety glass.

Matki offer a wide range of products suitable for any room, from a simple bath screen, to a cleverly designed space saving enclosure or a large wetroom, Matki have a glass solution for every situation.


Based in Denmark, Dansani pride themselves on designing & manufacturing high quality bathroom furniture at a suitable price. Focusing on quality, design and practicality, Dansani use the latest technology and traditional good craftsmanship to create the perfect balance of form and function.

Creating numerous ranges including a complete modular furniture range with endless combination possibilities, sleek handless door fronts, some unique materials and a compact range, Dansani make it possible to furnish rooms of all shapes and sizes.


Geberit manufacture products in the sanitary and piping systems sector. They believe that god design is not only behind many considerations, but should also leave a lasting impression on the mind.

Producing items like frames for wall hung WCs, most if Geberit’s products become invisible once installed. This is why Geberit pay particular attention to the design of heir flush plates, as these are the only interface between the user and their sophisticated technology.


Zehnder are a Swiss heating. Cooling and ventilation systems manufacturer. Passionate to exceed customer expectations they have a wide range of distinct decorative radiators suitable for any living space and offer fantastic heating and cooling systems to suit any ambience.

Bisque Radiators

Bisque – owned by Zehnder – were the first company to introduce designer radiators into the UK. They offer an outstanding range of feature radiators in the most exciting colours, shapes and styles. Bisque are especially committed to the design and quality of the products they produce. Whatever your tastes may be, from outrageous design to the more sensible, Bisque radiators and towel rails can add a touch of class and originality to any room.

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