German Designer Kitchens

Bespoke German Designer Kitchens in Chester & North Wales

Oceans design, supply and install German designer kitchens from Rempp.

Because Rempp are as individual as the people who work in them, the kitchen does not have to be designed according to any specific rules, but only to the rules of your own taste. It must inspire you and implement your requirements perfectly.

By using only select materials, a variety of colours and exciting details these kitchens are designed and developed to your own requirements. The high product quality makes your Rempp kitchen experience that of the highest quality.

Alborg Oak / Toronto Alpine White

About Rempp Küchen

Rempp Küchen employes more than 120 people, and produces kitchens of the highest standard. Founded in 1930 by master joiner Ernst Rempp the company soon out grew it’s first location and had to move to Wildberg in 1935.

Rempp is a family run business currently in its third generation. Although most of the kitchens sales are for the German market, Rempp exports 30% of their kitchens all over the world.

The emphasis in production is focused on quality and functionality with a the use of modern materials making sure a Rempp kitchen will remain both fashionable and functional for many years.

Superior German Kitchens

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