Sinks, Taps & Accessories for the Kitchen

Franke are a Swiss company formed in 1911, now with a global reach – they are the world’s largest manufacturer of sinks.

Franke sinks are available in 4 different materials, each with different finish options. Along with the more traditional stainless steel and ceramic materials, Franke also offer Glass and Fragranite which is treated with Sanitized®.

Franke taps feature cutting edge innovation and design, the range offers taps that can produce instant boiling water, filtered water and mixer taps in a multitude of different styles.

See some of the Franke Range Below

Franke Sinks

Available in Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Tectonite or Fragranite materials and inset, under-mount or Belfast formats.

Franke Stainless Steel sinks are made from premium quality chrome nickel steel which is highly resistant to staining, corrosion and rust proof, and they won’t chip or flake. They are available in 3 different finishes, Silk, Brushed or Polished.

Ceramic sinks are exceptionally hard-wearing and resistant to standard household chemicals, and fit very well with a variety of work surfaces such as wood, glass and granite. Franke offer ceramic sinks in either black or white finishes.

Tectonite sinks offer exceptional resistance to heat, shock and impact. The new materials used in Tectonite represent a giant leap forward for synthetic materials – available in Polar White, Coffee and Carbon Black.

Fragranite is a very tough material which is resistant to burns, stains, dents and chips. Fragranite contains 70% granite which forms a material with a subtle sheen that is warm to the touch. Fragranite sinks are integrated with Sanitized© which helps reduce bacteria and microbe growth by 90%.

Franke Stainless Steel Sink
Stainless Steel Sink
Franke Ceramic Sink
Ceramic Sink
Tectonite Sink
Tectonite Sink
Franke Fragranite Sink
Fragranite Site

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Franke Taps

Whether you want an instant boiling water tap, mixer tap or filtered water tap then Franke have the answer. The boiling water tap offers 100°C water straight from the tap, perfect for making a hot drink or getting a meal underway quickly.

Mixer taps are available in almost any style you would want, from traditional to ultra-modern, and finally the filtered water taps deliver hot, cold and filtered water.

Franke Instant Boiling Water Tap
Instant Boiling Water Tap
Franke Filtered Water Tap
Filtered Water Tap
Mixer Tap


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