Taps and Sinks for the Kitchen

hansgrohe are a German company founded in 1901 originating from the heart of the Black Forest. 

With hundreds of design awards and over 16,000 active patents hansgrohe are a leading brand in the world of taps and sinks. Their kitchen range includes many intuitive designs and features that will make daily life in the kitchen easier than ever.

Take a look at some of the hansgrohe kitchen taps and sinks below, for more information with integrating these products into your new kitchen please get in touch with us.

hansgrohe Kitchen Taps and Sinks

hansgrohe Kitchen Taps

hansgrohe kitchen taps offer a series of innovative kitchen designs to make daily life easier with useful functions such as Select technology, ComfortZone, Convenient Pull-Out and Simple Jet Switch-Over.

Simple Jet Switch Over

Simple Jet Switch Over

Quickly and accurately fill even the largest of containers with the normal and laminar spray. The additional shower spray is perfect for thoroughly washing fruit, vegetables, fish or other sensitive foods. You can switch between jet
types on the shower head with one hand, even when the water is flowing.

Convenient Pull Out Function

Convenient Pull-Out Function

The pull-out function vastly increases your working radius at the sink. Fill bulky containers, including large pots, on the worktop without the inconvenience of holding them
over the sink.

Select Technology

The convenient Select function enables you to use the
kitchen tap at the touch of a button. Water can be paused and restarted with just one click. Even with the back of your hand or an elbow, keeping the tap clean and your hands free.



The ComfortZone feature increases the amount of space with the swivel function and various kitchen tap heights, making it easier to fill or clean tall containers such as pots,large vases and water bottles.

To see how hansgrohe products can integrate into your new designer kitchen from Oceans get in touch with us or book a design appointment.

hansgrohe Sinks

hansgrohe sinks are available in 5 different sizes. They fit into the small single household kitchen just as well as in the family kitchen island at home. The choice is yours: single sink with or without draining board? Practical double sink with two basins?

hansgrohe granite sinks can be installed surface-mounted or under-mounted; stainless steel sinks can also be integrated into the worktop flush-mounted. Under-mounted sinks – in which the worktop is flush-fitting to the sink – create a particularly exclusive look. hansgrohe kitchen sinks fit in all standard base units (with 50, 60, 80 or 90 cm width). Manual or automatic drain fittings are available for the drain.

All hansgrohe stainless steel sinks are made from high quality, one millimetre thick, hand-welded steel. This is durable, hygienic and easy to clean. All stainless steel built-in sinks are fitted with a reinforcement bracket and double-thickness material to ensure stable tap fixture. Quartz particles from Germany with rounded edges are used for the robust granite sinks to ensure a hard, durable surface.

Hansgrohe Granite Kitchen Sink
Hansgrohe Granite Kitchen Sink
Hansgrohe Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Hansgrohe Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Hansgrohe Undermount Kitchen Sink
Hansgrohe Undermount Kitchen Sink
Hansgrohe Granite Double Kitchen Sink
Hansgrohe Granite Double Kitchen Sink


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