Sensa Granite

Natural High Quality Granite Work Tops

By using a revolutionary protective treatment, Sensa granite has a high resistance against stains and requires very little maintenance compared to other types of granite work top.

The granite slabs used in the Sensa range are formed over millions of years, originating from Brazil and India. Each slab has unique veining, textures and colours.

To see Sensa first hand call in to our showroom where one of our designers can help you choose the right work top for your new kitchen.

See some examples of Sensa Below

Sensa Granite Solid Surface

For peace of mind Sensa comes with a 15 year certified warranty, that covers against staining, it also has certification for use in the contact of food.

Unlike other types of Granite Work Top there is no need to treat Sensa annually with sealant – it is virtually maintenance free!

Sensa Work Top Ice Blue
Sensa Work Top - Ice Blue
Sensa Work Top Glacial Blue


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