Wet Rooms Chester

Wet Room Experts in Chester & North Wales

We have been installing Wet Rooms since 2003, and due to the advancement in technology and materials they are more popular than ever. 

The installation of a wet room should be left to the professionals – which is where we come in. We will also design and supply all the equipment and materials necessary – all of our installations are treated as a fully managed project.

Wet rooms are a stylish addition to any home and will probably have a positive effect on the value of your home.

Experts in Wet Room Installation

Wet Rooms Chester & North Wales

At Oceans Bathrooms our unrivalled track record allows us to continually lead the way in wet room design. Wet rooms are the perfect space solution for rooms of all shapes and sizes. With just a single piece of glass it can turn a moderate size room into a spacious and less compact showering area.

Wet Rooms Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Shower and a Wet Room?

Typically a shower room will have a shower tray and screen, whereas a wet room won’t have either, instead the room will be tanked to prevent leaks and the floor will be constructed with a slope towards a drain to allow for the water to run off.

Can I have a Wet Room Upstairs?

Absolutely, yes. With the enhancement of waterproofing materials it is far more feasible to ‘tank’ an upstairs room in preparation for use as a Wet Room than it ever has been. Tanking can be used regardless of the type of floor and wall construction in your home.

What are the advantages of a Wet Room?

Installation of a wet room tends to be a lifestyle choice, but it does have its advantages over a shower. They are easier to clean and can increase the value of a home especially when replacing a small bathroom. It is essential that a wet room is installed correctly – ideally by professionals.