How To Clean Your Bathroom Sink… Using Vinegar!

How to clean your bathroom with vinegar

Vinegar is one of the best things for cleaning a bathroom sink – it’s easy to use, has anti-bacterial properties and is really affordable too, plus there’s no nasty chemicals in it either.

1. Pour vinegar into the basin

Begin by closing the plug and then pour a cup and a half of white vinegar into the basin.

2. Cover the basin in vinegar soaked paper towels

Take a paper towel and dip it into the vinegar and place it around the edge of the sink. Continue doing this until the basin is covered in paper towels.

3. Leave for 20 minutes

Leave to rest for 20 minutes, remove the paper towels and wipe the sink down with a dry paper towel.

4. Clean any accessories

It’s also a good idea to soak bathroom items such as toothbrush holders and soap dishes in vinegar to give them a thorough clean. When you’ve finished cleaning with the vinegar, the smell will disappear once it’s dried.

Avoid using vinegar on coloured porcelain, as it can damage the surface causing it to discolour. Do not use vinegar on marble, as the acidic qualities will dull the shine. If you have a marble basin, use a micro fibre cloth and warm water.

Bicarbonate of soda will get your bathroom sink sparkling clean too. Simply wet the basin with warm water and sprinkle the bicarbonate of soda over the surface. Use a soft cloth to rub the surface and the bicarb of soda will form a paste. Don’t forget to get in and around the tricky areas such as the overflow hole and the base of the sink taps. Once you’ve done this, rinse the basin and wipe with a soft cloth – you’ll be left with a sparkling clean basin that looks as good as new.