How To Create The Perfect Family Kitchen

Family Kitchen

Every home is different and in a busy household it’s important that the kitchen is a dynamic space where family can gather and go about their lives.

When designing a new kitchen, it’s essential to create a room that’s stylish and functional so it can be used and enjoyed by all.

The wonder that is the kitchen-diner

Interior design trends have responded to the desires of the modern family with the kitchen-diner. Creating a multi-functional room in which you can cook, work and eat, means that a family can utilise their space and also their time together. Including a table and dining option into your kitchen plan gives you plenty of room for the kids to catch up on their homework, whilst someone’s preparing the dinner. The kitchen-diner is a versatile space, designed for modern family life.

Designated zones are important

When it comes to designing an all-singing all-dancing multi-functional kitchen, it’s essential to organise your space into separate ‘zones’, in order to keep all of your activities running smoothly. Firstly, you’ll need to consider what you’ll be using your kitchen for. Obviously, you’ll need a space for preparing and cooking food, and perhaps also a dining area. Consider whether your kitchen is mainly used for the kids’ homework, or if it’s your go to location when entertaining guests. Once you’ve highlighted what you want from your kitchen, it’ll be easy to organise the space into relative areas to accommodate this.

Brilliant breakfast bar or idyllic island

Incorporating a breakfast bar or island into your kitchen is a great way to create additional space and storage. The extra work surfaces are ideal for preparing food, dining, or even carrying out other activities, such as homework. Including an island or breakfast bar in your design can help to form a sociable layout in your kitchen as it will act as the central hub for family and guests to gather around.

Storage solutions

Appropriate storage is essential for a busy kitchen to function efficiently. Extra deep drawers, floor to ceiling cabinets and islands are all great ways of maximising your storage, whilst keeping the clutter of daily life hidden out of sight. Open shelving and hanging racks can also be used and are both very on trend at the moment. However, bear in mind that the latter options require you to store items in plain sight and can become unattractive if they’re not kept tidy and organised.